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Sweet Angel
Sweet as an angel
... continued
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The suit of my soul
Will be worn ‘til I die
When I have the means
... continued
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This lowly string vibrator
wants to know
if The Bird
... continued
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Mom is a word that doesn't need grammar to explain it...
Mom is a poem that doesn't need to express herself...
Mom is a shadow that doesn't need the hot sun falling upon it...
... continued
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Many fear their actions because of him.
Instead of fighting, he guides us to the gym.
His picture is all over the world &
On many occasions, he's proved why I'm his girl.
In order to be with him you have to have faith.
If you don't soon you may be laid in a crate.
He gives me strength from one day to another &
He's why I was blessed to be a mother.
As long as my life is his, I have no fears.
He's accepted me because I passed his quiz.
What people say to me doesn't matter because
I'm daily on my knees as he & I chatter.
I'm accepted even though I don't go to church 24/7.
He still invited me when it's my time for Heaven.
Being my man he says I'm sacred &
Tells me not to worry. In his eyes I'm no traitor.
He very inspirational in my times of sadness.
He tells me to ignore hypocrites & their madness.
I know he accepts me with perfection or not &
That's why I LOL, when people envy what I've got.

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I received your picture today , in the mail .
You are as pretty as can be still .
Your beautiful smile is as cheery as can be .
... continued
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A Difference
P K routray
... continued
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Through tear rippled eyes, and darkened night skies, a thought comes to mind, a plot to devise.

Who is this face that's haunting these dreams? who's hand covered lips, to stifle the screams? Down her pale cheek a tear river streams.

Carry on with the night, no rest only fight, with dreams filled with pain and regret from this life.

Tangled and mangled tied tight to the sheet. Twisting and turning to free her bound feet. puddles of sorrow on the bed as she weeps.

Awake from the terror that comes with closed eyes, kick off the shackles,the bars and the ties wipe out the tears that well in her eyes.
its a nightmarish site, a devilish fortnight to ward off the darkness, with all of your might.
weary and weepy from the battle of night,conquered the horror that lies deep inside. For out of the darkness the light does reside.

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