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Heaven must have touched you with its golden light
Heaven must have spoke with you in the middle of the night
Heaven must have been there when you were feeling low
... continued
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If I told you i loved you
Would I change things
Or was it something that
... continued
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when the day came we had to go
to the place where dead and sick people flow,
I knew in my heart and and from my head to my toes,
that one day I would buy a crying rose,
I never knew it would only take a week,
for her to fall into an eternal sleep,
I had to get some appropriate clothes,
then afterwards I knew it was time to buy a crying rose,
people wondered why they called it that,
I told them straight up and I told them straight flat,
and when they saw it they all froze,
and then they all cried in front of the rose,
then after all I knew that only a few,
only a few thought and then knew,
when all of the rest came,
I knew when they saw it, they all thought the same,
so then I told them that's why they called on that specific rose,
to be called that name " the crying rose ".

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Some people such as elders, parents advise because
They want to pass on their experience
Do not want their loved one's to suffer or
Commit the same mistakes.
They want them not to go through
What they have been through

We think we have undergone enough,
Have so much experience and knowledge that
Either can't be kept within ourselves or
Think it will be of some help somebody
Going through the same situation.

We often forget others are also living life
Just like us and they have some experience on their own,
If not what we know - they know something else.
We too don't have the experience that they have.

Also, we don't want to see the same mistakes repeated,
I have already done this, why do you have to do it,
So , do it better this way.
We overlook that they feel good
About trying it out themselves
Instead of following something said by somebody.

That is why I always keep saying,
advice people only if asked for -
though it is very difficult one, try, try and keep trying!

The best antidote I know for worry is work
so do today what you have not done till today
The interaction confirms assumptions about
good qualities inherent in oneself.

Some say, " “We only have what we give."
I feel, " We only Give what we Have "

~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~

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. TARGET-LESS 3K5: 30-11-2016.
Think of rudderless crews,
Where it goes nobody knows.
... continued
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,“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank

Giving is Life.
and your life is a book

Every book is a gem,,
if we lend this wisdom book
to one,then to 2nd,,3rd and
the process can go to infinite,
Just a single book can make
a huge difference,,,follow the wisdom.
and pass on to lighten the burdens of another

~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~

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I didn't kill him,
But I wanted to...
I don't hate him,
... continued
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Lying in a bed of roses and push the world away,
With no hope for change tomorrow, nor will to complete the day.
When faith and hope and all is gone; and there's no need or will to carry on.
... continued
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